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Dry Winter Woes


Angel Diva
It’s sad. My favorites are those in drought areas that really think a lawn or washing their driveway is too important to obey rules. I see this in the desert every year (Palm Springs). The newest recreational items are three major water parks, a surfing lagoon and a huge water wave park. One such is 400 acres!


Angel Diva
It's the #1 reason why I haven't bought a condo in Nevada even though there would be tax, recreatative, health (allergies) and weather benefits to do so.
I love Reno so much, as well as a number of other towns throughout the state but living near one of the largest freshwater sources in the world (Lake Michigan) gives me pause.
Well, they aren’t “great” lakes but Lake Tahoe and Pyramid Lake are nothing to sneeze at! I’m crossing my fingers that this drought will end soon.

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