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Does anyone here have this license plate?

ski diva

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A friend of mine in PA took this yesterday. I know one of our older PA members used to have this plate, but she doesn't anymore:

I have Vermont plates that say SKI DIVA. This is from my old car (note the rusty bolts and the old registration sticker), but the plate is still the same.


I am so curious to know if the Pennsylvania person is a member of the forum! Anyone know?
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Angel Diva
I could have had SKI DIVA on my Virginia plate when I renewed back in August. But since I do many other activities, I opted for MTN LUVR instead. Was surprised it wasn't taken. Looks good on my Outback, our new adventuremobil. :becky:


Angel Diva
SKIDIVA is available in Florida. I’m actually registering a ski theme tag tomorrow. Funny this would come up today!


Angel Diva
SKIDIVA was part of my first AOL email address. I love the name. I didn’t opt to get the Florida tag created. Will leave it available for another Florida diva. :smile:

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