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Divas who are musicians?


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@Jenny destoning an avocado, like a complete noob, as my kids would say. I had been chopping something else with a big knife and clearly it was too big and I stabbed myself right into the base of my ring finger. It’s a really small cut but it’s deep. I think it will be fine and it’s just the location of the cut that makes it so sore.

It’s annoying though. I just managed to build up some decent calluses, which is quite an achievement with all the handwashing. I probably overdid it at the beginning both because I was enjoying it but also because I went about practicing it like I practice the flute, which I’ve been playing since I was 12! At some point the app told me I should be working up to 30 minutes a day. I was already topping 45. Clearly i take things way too seriously!


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I've been playing around with guitar for a few years now, after playing music all through school (flute and alto sax from 3rd grade through college). I kind of dropped music after I graduated, because it's hard to play a woodwind alone in your apartment. I got more serious about guitar maybe a year ago and it's really nice to have music back in my life.

I've been getting into bluegrass specifically because (at least during normal times) it's by FAR the easiest, lowest stress way to play with other people, especially in Colorado where there's a huge bluegrass scene. Bluegrass jams are really welcoming, super fun, and the barrier to entry is shockingly low.

As for online lessons, I can't recommend these highly enough: https://artistworks.com/guitar-lessons-bryan-sutton

I've only done the flatpick guitar course, but if the rest of the courses on ArtistWorks are even half as good they'd still be worth it.

Love hearing how musical everyone is!!


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Thanks for the tip @RachelV, I’ll check out that website. I know what you mean about playing woodwind in an apartment! I live in a tiny house and I can hear the neighbors laughing through the walls. I play piano too and it’s digital so theoretically I could play with headphones but in practice I don’t like it. Also, the piano is in the living room so there’s constant interruptions. Guitar is not too loud, I can hide in the bedroom with it and it’s a bit more interesting on your own than flute.

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