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Rendl is a great looking guy!

We took the bed platform out of the van for the winter and Lark is NOT HAPPY about the downgrade. She used to lay around back there in ludicrous comfort during van trips and now she's stuck with a seat like the rest of us.

We put some privacy film on the lower half of our patio doors to discourage her from barking at everything that walks by. This is her solution to seeing over it (it's a landing on our stairs, if that's not obvious). Maybe she's actually smart?


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I was the high bidder at the (virtual) Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation auction for "Have your pet be the face of the Furry 5K" prize. So here's my Reggie and our cat Ruby (RIP). I though it would be nice to have a cat, and she came from SAS. The artists really nailed her likeness. They didn't include Reggie's spots, which is fine--I knew it would be an artist's representation. This makes me smile every time I look at it.



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We took Lark mountain biking for the first time today and she did great! Sadly we couldn't do much because the air quality is terrible today, but it was nice to at least get her out & a little familiar with it. She totally got it, it was so satisfying.



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My spoiled pooches…our rescues lead a really good life! Bozeman (2 yr Am Staff/Lab) is up for anything, but Zeta (11 yr Boxer/Terrier) is a dignified old lady and NOT a water girl, but she does love a couch or a poofy bed!


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