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Angel Diva
dog story: Dr Pugs literally just baked cranberry bread this afternoon... and left it on the kitchen island while I was out of the room.

Surprising no one, Pippin, Eater of Carbs, gently and politely grabbed it off the counter with his dainty little snout and enjoyed a piece for himself.

I didn’t even get to try any!!!

Pictured below is Pippin, the little black dog, and our friend’s dog Brick. Zoom in to read the signage on the left of the picture. Yes, I have my Christmas wreath up already... I never took it down.
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Angel Diva
Good thing it was cranberry bread vs something chocolate. It's poisonous for dogs, can be very dangerous.

Yes, indeed! We generally are pretty careful about leaving carbs out, or have been after he ate double chocolate cookies and we had to give him hydrogen peroxide to make him puke it up. That dang dog really loves carbs.


Angel Diva
Some more of my furry friends! This is Spencer, the golden retriever I adopted 2 years ago. (I can’t believe it’s been so long!) He and his brothers go to dog camp weekly. He LOVES to swim and loves the snow!
It was 30 degrees out today! Brr!


Angel Diva
Here’s Abby. She tore her ACL not skiing but chasing Elvis.

My grand-doggie, Bella (an older lab mix) has had 2 ACL replacements. Exercise was her best rehab after she healed - she stayed with us in Vermont for 2 weeks and her vet commented on how much better she was! No leash here, just running all over the place. :-)

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