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Angel Diva
Dearest Sprocket left this earth on Saturday, in my arms, in back of the vet's office by a quiet brook. He is buried in the back of the garden. I can report with great relief that I don't feel guilty about this long and agonizing decision; the time was right. I do, though, miss him terribly, especially his tiny warm body next to me in bed.

Sprocket was a great ambassador for Chihuahuas and little dogs everywhere; he was a sweet soul, and we all loved him.

This photo is two years old. Sprocket and my granddaughter were approximately the same size at around 6.5 lbs! (As you can see, it's my latest phone wallpaper.)



Angel Diva
Thank you, thank you everyone! I must say, the decision-making was the awful part. After I made the appointment I felt better, and now, a couple days later, I feel as though a burden has lifted. The imprint these little (and big) creatures make on our hearts is so profound!

Your support is appreciated, so much.


Angel Diva
I usually don’t look at the dogs thread since I have a ‘not dog’ at my house. I am so sorry. I totally understand the decision difficulty and also the relief. You gave him a good long life with a lot of experiences other dogs will never have! I particularly liked the picture I saw at one point or another of Sprocket in your backpack when you were out hiking. Hugs from here.

ski diva

Staff member
Hugs to you, Anne. I'm not a dog person, either, but I know how hard it is to lose a beloved furry friend. May his memory be a blessing.

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