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Congrats, @diymom! Archie is adorable.

Just read that a local vet hosts Yappy Hour on Fridays for supervised socializing of dogs of similar ages. If I had a puppy, I'd sign it up and create a portable bar for the companion people.
Archie! He looks like such a sweetheart!

Thanks, all, for your support around Sprocket. I've had him since he was 7 - he was at the shelter because he was found wandering in a 400-acre city park. Flea-bitten, 25% underweight, eye infection, and he was as lovey and playful as they come. Everyone who meets him adores him.

I had never really imagined myself as a Chihuahua owner, but dogs teach us, right? He taught me how incredibly delightful they are. Chi owners look at each other knowingly.

I read today that of course, we keep them comfortable and intervene if they're in pain, but one thoughtful woman (a wildlife rescuer and 11-dog gal) said she keeps hers as long as their is joy in their life. I still see moments of joy in Sprocket, despite his infirmities. So he is with me a little longer. Thanks again.:grouphug:
Too cute! Is the mom a standard poodle?
No, mom is the Great Pyrenees, dad is the poodle. I've never seen dad, but mom is nice. She and one of her pups from the first litter (which was pure GP), along with the older household dog, still come trotting over to the corner where our yards meet for greetings and pats whenever they see us out in the yard.

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