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Angel Diva
I was in the middle of sharpening my edges. Silas was trying to say "don't go!"

Shmendrik is a husky-lab mix, but maybe he also has some border collie. Would that make him a border-labsky?


Angel Diva
Shmendrik is a husky-lab mix, but maybe he also has some border collie. Would that make him a border-labsky?
Shmendrik? You have a dog named Shmendrik??
:spit: :ROTF:
OMG you made my day.
There are places where if you yelled, "Hey, Shmendrik!" you'd get a number of people looking at you strangely and perhaps wondering if they should respond to you.
Please, I'm dying to know, how did you happen upon this particular name?
I love it and only hope that it hasn't affected Shmen's self-esteem.
I cannot stop laughing. Not at the lovely critter, sorry Shmen.


Angel Diva
It actually is in homage to prior owners of our house, who had dogs named Shmatta and Meshuggah. (For those of you who don't know Yiddish, Shmendrik means "nincompoop", Shmatta is "rag" and Meshuggah is "crazy"!)


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
next you can get twin hamsters and name them Schlemiel and Schlamozel


PSIA 3 Children's Specialist 2 Keystone Resort
This is Mawenzi an Australian Shepherd. He was born in Missouri in 1998 and move to Frisco, Colorado when he was 9 months old.


After a hard day of horseback camping in the mountains.

Dressing up for Halloween with my niece Claire in Michigan.
I just cannot get enough of the Doggie Pics! They are ALL SO CUTE!!!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I caught the Crown Royal last time but didn't notice the Marlboros til this time. I scrolled back up to see if there was a pack of condoms that I missed, hehe.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire


Diva in Training
These are my two dogs. They beg to go skiing with us. Kamala the husky is 8 and Warren the pitbull is almost 1. These two keep me on my toes.:ski2:



Ski Diva Extraordinaire
My babies

DAKOTA (Registered name: Damien's Dakota)
Born: January 17, 1994
I First Met Him: Tied on a 10' tie-out because he got too big for their single wide mobile home :( after answering a newspaper ad.
He is a Native of: Traverse City, Michigan
His Favorite Hobby: Finding and eating Reese's Peanutbutter Cups and Rice Crispy Treats - wrappers, bag, and all. Sleeping.
He Absolutely LOVES: See above, and Mary Janes. He used to love running and rollerblading with me.
Profession: Happiness Maker, Big Globs of Hair Shedder!
My Favorite Thing to Do With Him: Used to be Rollerblading and walking together. Now, I just love to brush him - he HATES it!!! :laugh:
My Favorite Memory: Commuting from downstate on the weekends when I worked there and lived here. He used to just love riding in the car with me, anywhere, anytime.
What We Have in Common: We both LOVE the snow. We both have LOTS of hair!
How We Differ the Most: He's skinny, I'm not.

STAN (Registered name: Lady Sheeba Saphire Sadie)
Born: April 14, 1992
I First Met Her: At an old farmhouse, referred to her owners by the local Humane Society.
She is a Native of: Lake City, Michigan
Her Favorite Hobby: Sleeping, eating, annoying the cat.
She Absolutely LOVES: Food! Her Daddy!
Profession: Life Saver - she just knows when DH is having issues with his diabetes....she's actually saved his life a couple of times.
My Favorite Thing to Do With Her: "Floppitas". Rubbing the sides of her face under her ears so they flop up and down. She just loves it.
My Favorite Memory: The day we were all rollerblading together and they decided to go for a swim! I hit the beach on my blades and ended up face first in the sand. They went swimming! :ROTF:
What We Have in Common: We're both chubby :smile: and we both love to eat.
How We Differ the Most: She HATES snow!

They're old enough now that they're having a good day if I don't have to carry them up the stairs. I'm dreading the day - 13 years of loving them is just too short a time.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Mr. Darcy
Born: October 11, 2004
I First Met Him: In December of 2004, my MIL took me to pick up a table from a friend and we walked in. The "friend" came up to me and and handed me this most precious little guy.
He is a Native of: Oregon
HisFavorite Hobby: Playing frisbee, chasing squirrels, running along side Daddy's bike and snuggling.
She Absolutely LOVES: Balloons, treats, carrots, and belly rubs.
Profession: Face licker and snuggle artist.
My Favorite Thing to Do With Her: Snuggle on the sofa or sit outside in the sun.
Favorite Memory:The first time I ever held him or the first time he saw snow and jumped around in the air to try and catch the snowflakes.
What we have in common:We both don't like being startled, we both love carrots.
How we Differ the Most: I don't lick my behind.

He's a sweet little rat terrier and I would put in a pic but I am not sure how to do that.:confused:


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Saddlebackgirl---I LOVE the goggles on your pupster. He's ready for any conditions.


Angel Diva
My dogs: 2 Aussies, Sweetie and Aslan
Born: Aslan - October 2002; Sweetie - June 2003....they have the same mom
Natives of: Pulaski, NY (lake effect snow dogs!)
They love: frisbee, Frosty Paws, walks, runs, belly rubs, crawling in bed with Mom, car rides
Occupations: healers, best friends, watchdogs, stress reducers
Best Memory: We brought Aslan up to Lake Placid as a pup and it was terribly cold. The snow and salt hurt his puppy paws, so I bought him some doggie booties, bright red. He walked so funny with them on, and everyone driving down Main Street would point and smile as I walked him down the sidewalk. Sweetie: when she lept in the air to catch her first frisbee.


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