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DIVA CATS! (And other pets can play too!)


Angel Diva
Meet Lilou! She’s already 7 but plays no less than a kitten. When not playing, she is a master smuggler. I got her at a shelter as a kitten. Since then, her favorite companion in the house (apart from me hopefully) is…the vacuum. She’s literally in love with it. She hugs it, gives it kisses and of course awaits for her turn to be vacuumed when I clean the house.
That's hysterical! Rascal gets all ready to run if we even open the door to the closet where the vacuum is kept.


Angel Diva
My first cat was named Lilo, after the stage name of a singer who was performing nearby when my father brought her (a pregnant fluffy Siamese or Himalayan) from his office, where she had apparently been holed up. I loved that cat so much; she was my nighttime companion through all my hard times. She loved having her tummy rubbed. We would spoon in bed and she would purr me to sleep while I rubbed her belly.

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