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DIVA CATS! (And other pets can play too!)


Angel Diva
She has us wrapped around her furry paws.

Beautiful yet hilarious imagery. And a beautiful cat. My first cat, Lilo, looked like her. Lilo had three litters of kittens: one Siamese markings, one tiger, and 14 little black-and-white babies of all sorts of designs.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Well, there's no sense in being quarantined at home without a snuggly pal, so I went to the local shelter and came home with this sweet girl named Misty. She's 11 years old; her owner died a couple of months ago and she seemed very sweet and a little sad. If it were me and I couldn't care for my kitty, I'd want someone to give it a loving home. So we're getting used to each other and she's checking out her new digs!
Misty Screenshot.png

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