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DIVA CATS! (And other pets can play too!)


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I used scancafe.com. They'll even take the photos out of the albums to scan them if you're willing to pay a bit extra!

Con: they send them to their facility in India. Pro: many professional photographers trust them, and they claim to have good conditions and fair pay for their employees.


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Okay, I admit it: I'm not a cat-lover. Mostly because I used to be allergic to them, but as an adult, I seemed to have outgrown the allergy. When DH and I got married, it was like the Brady Bunch, only with pets. He had 4 cats, and I had a dog.

Since then, my dog passed, and we have a crazy new dog we both love to pieces. We also had to put down 2 of his cats over the last 2 years.

And today, we had to let another one go. She was always a pain-in-the-a$$. Had accidents in the house. Peed in my plants. Knocked over stuff. Got on the kitchen counters. Slashed my dog, the sweetest thing on earth, mercilessly. Brought in dead mice and birds to proudly display in the living room. A real PITA.

So why did I cry like a baby today at the vet's and why do I miss her so much now?

I will never understand cats, but it's breaking my heart to see our one remaining cat hunt all over the house, looking for his sister. THAT, I understand.

RIP, Lily.
Sophie is a purty kitty.

Liquid Yellow

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Didn't realise I'd posted in this thread! Sadly the hamsters Gin & Tonic are long gone. The chinchillas are still going strong though, Shadow is ten years old now - hopefully he'll still have another 5 years or so.

But since then we've got two cats!

Winter the Ragdoll:

And Walnut the Birman:





Wally as a kitten:



And Winter as a kitten - the day we got her at about 9 weeks old!



She was ADORABLE!! She's four and a half now, time flies. Walnut is three, and is the sweetest-natured cat I've ever known.
Such gorgeous kitties; I love Ragdolls and Birmans. I was looking into those when I brought my Himalayan home. I miss Tiffany she was a good girl. Here is a picture of Tiffy, the late Toby and me with burgundy hair :smile:

Someone got into the cat treats overnight. I should have known when he was quiet this am downstairs and didnt come upstairs harassing me for food. Went downstairs and found this. Little sh!t chewed into and ate the entire bag. Needless to say he didn't get sick but I didn't give him his soft food in the am or tonight. He ate all his treats in said bag. He's lucky he's cute........



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Thanx. They are our babies. I miss Mariner every day. Decaf and Rimsky are now 18 and 17 and are having health issues. I hate watching it happen and I'm spoiling them every moment I can.
Thanx. They are our babies. I miss Mariner every day. Decaf and Rimsky are now 18 and 17 and are having health issues. I hate watching it happen and I'm spoiling them every moment I can.

I know. SallyCat's orange Tabby reminds me of my Brando.

My kobie is 12 and the brothers are 6. Pacino was very sick last year and we almost lost him so it was quite scary. Kobie is my little old lady although she's very spry and is showing no sign of slowing down. She seems fully healthy but only loves me so bringing her to the vet for a check up really isn't an option.


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Fortunately, my guys are easy for the vet. Neither of them bite, scratch, squirm, etc., tho Decaf has said some pretty nasty things to the vet techs.

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