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Demoing 2020 Volkl Kenja 88 (intermediate skier)


Certified Ski Diva
5'3, 115-120lb cautious skier
Current skis: recently acquired 2020 Blizzard Black Pearl 88

I was at the ski field today and spotted Volkl flags - I've never seen their demo fleet while I've been here, so i went to have a look. At the time I was there most skis in my size were out (and i ended up being a bit fatigued in the afternoon to go back) but i tried the 2020 Kenja (88mm width) @ 156cm.

Conditions: 30cm of fresh snow yesterday, so even groomers/on-trail was pretty soft and choppy. Only a small amount of scraped off icy stuff at the top of one run. Photos (from the lift) show off trail conditions - terrible photo of the skis though, so much snow sticking to them!

I found these skis pretty nice - they can make nice small turns if you want or longer turns. I find them less bouncy (i think more "damp") going over small bumps and mounds of snow than my BP88, which is different and quite neat! They're definitely stiffer too. I found that I was able to power them adequately and have fun with them, especially on my second run when I was getting the hang of how to ski them, but to me they were slightly fatiguing to ski. I was happy to go back to my "easy to ski" BP88. I am not a very powerful skier though and know that I have a preference for less stiff skis - however despite all the titanal in this ski, I was surprised that I was able to have fun with it. I probably wouldn't pick this ski as a daily driver for myself but I'm also more of a mellow skier :smile: I also wouldn't have minded taking them on some hardpack but there wasn't really any today, the snow was so soft everywhere! I have a feeling that they'd perform really nicely on smooth hardpack. Maybe if Volkl is back another time...

received_883976278644690.jpeg received_2567052880247849.jpeg
I'm like you, yes volkl's work fine but they always seem like work to me. the Flairs were the only exception but they are a race car ski and I have atomic 11's for that.
It's always good to demo skis, if even only to confirm what I'm on is my favorite. Happy Skiing to you! I"m envious, it's about 70% humidity and been raining buckets here in the Adirondacks, NYS.. Take runs for me!!!

Olesya Chornoguz

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Yes, Black Pearls are much easier to ski than Kenjas. I owned Kenjas for 3 years or so, they are a fun ski, but stiff and definitely some mass to bend them (I am 6'1", 180+ pounds) so I have the mass to bend and carve them on groomers, but they were not as fun in bumps and soft snow, so I am generally on softer skis now.

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