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Demo days in New England 21/22?


Certified Ski Diva
Anyone have any info on Demo days this Winter in NH/VT/ME? I’m particularly interested in Loon, first Fri in December? Is that happening? Would be a good day for Diva meetup.


Angel Diva
Hopefully, but no idea yet. You could give Ken Jones Ski Mart a call and see if they are planning on it. Even in normal years they don’t usually have anything specifically called out anywhere yet at this point in the year, it’s just understood that it will happen..

Usually Sunday River has one the weekend of Thanksgiving, but again too early for anything to be listed yet officially.


Angel Diva
Mt. Sunapee usually has a women's ski day with inexpensive food, gatherings, lessons, and ski demos. It's great fun! It was cancelled last year. . . stay tuned.

Susan 76

Certified Ski Diva
Killington has a great demo place the entire season at the bottom of snowshed. Its one of my favorite places for demos. Potter Bros. Ski Shop. I always love that place.


Diva in Training
Following as well, I demoed during the sugarbush women’s clinic two years ago, and I loved a pair of rossignol spicy skis but I don’t know how they’d do on an icy day. So I’m afraid to pull the trigger.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I wrote a few places over the weekend asking about demo days. So far I’ve only heard back from Mt Snow, and their reply was that “there are no dates set as of now.”

I’ll post if I hear back from any of the others.


Angel Diva
I need to call Ken Jones, but I haven’t gotten around to it. They put on the one at Loon that some of us frequent. However, I still feel like it’s quite early to get definitive answers.

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