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Deals on lift tickets when you present a boarding pass


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Hello fellow divas. I saw this article this morning and thought I would share it because while skiing is awesome, skiing for free is even better :smile:. Basically certain mountains will give free or discounted lift tickets when you present a boarding pass. In general the free lift ticket is for the day you arrive or the day you depart and the boarding pass has to be from a certain airline (most of the discounts apply to people traveling on Alaska Airlines). https://thepointsguy.com/guide/how-to-ski-for-free-with-your-airline-boarding-pass/


Angel Diva
Thanks for posting! It's a more interesting list for folks who live in the west. Coming from the east, these are the ski areas/resorts that caught my eye. Although it might be hard to arrive early enough in Reno to make it to Squaw/Alpine in time to ski much.

I did the free skiing with boarding pass at Park City once back when that was an option. My ski buddy and I met up at SLC airport late morning. I already had the rental car by the time his flight got in. We skied for a couple hours. But only had about an hour before the upper mountain lifts were shutting down so it was good that PC has a few trails with lights.

  • Steamboat night skiing if flying into Hayden
  • Mt. Rose when flying into Reno
  • Squaw/Alpine for folks without Ikon
Guests arriving via commercial airline can ski or ride on the day of their arrival for free.

Present your same-day commercial airline boarding pass with a matching photo ID at the Ticket Office at Squaw Valley or Alpine Meadows and receive a complimentary lift ticket valid on the same day you arrive
Lift ticket valid at both Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows
If you do not have a paper copy of your boarding pass, please email an electronic version to info@squawalpine.com
Alaska always had a deal with Sun Valley where you could ski free the first day, then you could choose either a half price group lesson the next day, or a day or performance demos. But this year they stopped! :( We ALWAYS did the lesson and usually ended up with privates since we go at slow times.

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