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Cross Country Skiing


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Hi,That looks lovely!! I'm in the NE, close to Lapland Lake XC Ski, I used to work there, unfortunately it's been boney this winter, nothing as beautiful as what you're skiing on! Enjoy!


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I am new to XC as of this year. Was hoping to get out a little more but with the abysmal winter we've had here in the east I've only managed to get out twice this season. My local XC center didn't even open this year due to weather + staffing shortages. :frown:


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Started getting into it again this season. I was able to get my kids into a Jr ski program too. It's a good workout and fun!!


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I love love love to nordic ski, especially.in Grand Teton national park, where dogs are wven allowed on one groomed 15 mile trail. Hoping to get cleared by doc to nordic soon even if the alpine has to wait.


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The last few years, we take our nordic skis with us when we go on alpine ski trips. Mostly we take classic as that's a no brainer with our skin skis. We'll take skate with us if we stay with our friends who have a wax set up. Anyway, it's great to nordic on a rest or travel day. Almost every ski area has a nordic area close by.

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