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Amie H

Angel Diva
Addendum: lift tix at BH weekend of May 10-12 starting at $19. Yes, $19. "Limited beginner terrain."


Angel Diva
Got an email update from Brian Head today: the will be open through the weekend of May 10th.

I'm thinking about heading over there again...we shall see.

Addendum: lift tix at BH weekend of May 10-12 starting at $19. Yes, $19. "Limited beginner terrain."
One lift running on each peak. Looks like that means it's not possible to ski between the two peaks.

Amie H

Angel Diva
@marzNC I saw that and wasn't too worried about it if just going for 1 day. BUT THEN I realized that I have already planned a big surprise party for my boss on the 10th! Oops! Oh well, maybe next season. It's so funny to me how much that BH email this morning distracted me! :becky:

That said, I priced out another Reno trip the following weekend, 17-19. Palisades will still be open. and my lodging in town is free. It's a *maybe* for me. I should really go up to our WI house and get my gardens there cleaned up for the season.
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