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Changes in the moderator team.

ski diva

Staff member
One of the reasons TheSkiDiva is such a great place to hang out is the moderator team. These people generously donate their time and energy to keep things running smoothly on the site. For the past few years, the moderators have been me, Altagirl, Robyn, Itri, Jilly, and Rachelv.

I am ever so grateful to all of them for all their help.

Now the team is changing. Robyn has decided that it's time to move on, and Pequenita is taking her place.

Pequenita has been a member of TheSkiDiva community since January, 2007, just a few months after we went online. She has more than 3,600 posts, and is a valued member of our community. I know she'll be a great addition to the moderator team.

So please join me in welcoming our new moderator and in saying thank you for agreeing to take on this added responsibility.

And thanks again to Robyn for all your help.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Sorry I missed this earlier. I have been extremely honored to be a moderator here but my life has become more and more hectic with my visits to any forum more and more sporadic so I had to make the decision to let it go so that Wendy has a full team of people.

I will still be around, hopefully more in the winter but I'm making no promises. Between being in the process of buying my own place, more work responsibilities and a new pair of skis (thanks to Pinto's amazing deal finding skills) I suspect I'll be a bit busy.

Thank you Pequenita for taking over!

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