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Carv review


Certified Ski Diva
I finally got these to work! I sailed through carving levels 1-6 and “she” hardly corrected me. Then I hit level 7 and I could do nothing right and she was criticizing every other turn. Imagine having someone in your ear telling you basically non-stop that you need to change this and that and on and on. It got really old and I had to turn it off.

I would have been fine if it realized I would buckle my knees in and remind me every so often but it was constant and I felt like I couldn’t do anything right. I also think going from level 6 and not getting any advise to level 7 and basically being told I’m doing everything wrong is just bad.

I’m going to chat with them on Monday and see if there are any setting that can solve that constant nickpicking. Who could ski like that? Reminded me of watching is instructor skiing behind his student and actually yelling at him when to turn. Grated, that may have worked for that guy, but I would have impaled him with my ski pole. :fencing:

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