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Callaway Reva


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Anybody own or demo Callaway Reva clubs?

The Reva line was developed for women, by women. Here's an interesting review of them.

Friday I asked Jeramy, my golf instructor, for a recommendation on where to go or who to talk to about new clubs. His first words were "why do you want new clubs?" My response was "as a treat for myself". I'm not trying to buy a better swing or game. Well, actually I am, but thru lessons, not thru new gear.

My current clubs are women's graphite, almost unused, and about 25 years old. They are Acuity, which was the house brand at Dick's Sporting Goods. Jeramy looked at the clubs and handled them. He said there is little to be gained in new irons, but there has been so much advancement in woods that I could really benefit from. And he mentioned Callaway Reva ... which is exactly the clubs that caught my eye when I started poking around online.

I know nothing about clubs, but was drawn to the Reva line because it represents an interest in and commitment to women's golf. With no other discriminators, I would support those who support women.

One of my main interests in new clubs NOW is reducing the likelihood of having to make a lot of adjustments when I do get new clubs. I am 5'2", right near that breaking point between standard and petite women's clubs. Jeramy does not recommend the petite clubs for me. I already have a slight tendency to want to straighten my legs. Shorter clubs could exacerbate that. And I have a high waist, so my legs may be slightly longer than a textbook 5'2" frame would have.

I also noticed that different brands use different heights for their petite, standard, and long categories. Standard length in Reva would be correct for me.

Anyone have experience with the Reva line?

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