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budweiser ad


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Superbowl is two days away, and the only reason I care is that I'll be able to see the Budweiser Clydes in action again. SmartPak shared around a still from the new ad that shows one of the Clydes leaning out of its stall and touching a baby yellow Lab. It's looking pretty high-fructose from that shot.

I still haven't recovered from last years' ad, the one where the guy is foaling, raising, and training a Clyde for the hitch, and then sends him away *sniff* and then *sniff* three years later, with the *sniff* parade. The only thing I can't forgive there is that now I get all choked up every time I hear Stevie Nicks do "Landslide". Last time was in the dentist chair, for a cleaning, and suddenly I'm all *sniff*. That ad has caused me more public embarrassment than anything I ever did in junior high school.
Ha! I liked last year's ad too. This year is cute but the animal shelter volunteer in me rolls my eyes at the "puppy adoption" extravaganza, with purebred golden Labs, at the horse farm. Right, free purebred puppies for anyone, that's how it happens.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Ah, just caught it on YouTube. Doesn't even touch last years' ad, I think. Best part was when the Clyde took that fence. I bet they could feel the earth shake under their feet, filming that guy go.

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