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Brutiful video


Angel Diva
What a great video. I love watching these mammas (and papas, too!) with their little ones on the snow. It makes me wish I would have started my kids younger.


Angel Diva
I don't have any gorgeous photos of it, but I do recall many years ago, carrying a hockey goalie bag while comforting a 12-year-old goalie after a bad game. She couldn't let the boys see her cry.

The scenery in a rink parking lot just doesn't seem the same.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Great video. Thanks for posting. They’re such amazing skiers but what a tough situation.

@Kimmyt All the skis! If your kids are like mine, they volunteer to carry the poles and then use them to endanger themselves and others.

Luckily, they don't have poles yet but I think the oldest will next year. We told him this year that if he can't carry his own skis, he isn't big enough for poles yet... lo and behold he is much more enthusiastic about carrying his own skis now!

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