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Bootfitters by Region - USA - Western & Rocky Mountain Regions


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Hoping someone might see this and share a name? Thanks Divas!
BestFit Boots in Truckee...I have a rec on them lower in the thread. I've also got ballet dancer feet! You really need to make an appointment and be ready to spend the day: the fitters don't rush and are meticulous.


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View attachment 6337 Utah
Bootfitter's Name: Chris
Address of Shop: 2917 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City
Phone Number: 801-486-6999
Website: inklinefootscience.com
Email: contact@inklinefootscience.com

Additional Comments:
Chris is a master. My feet are truly outliers and difficult to fit on many levels (bunion, mortons toeS, narrow heel, small ankle angle.

Five hours, custom beds, grinding, foam injection, the works. It was grueling and tedious, but now----I have the best fit I've had in ski boots in 48 years! While there, he also made custom beds for my running shoes (to fix my knee problems). He's the one to go to if you are hard to fit.

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Level Nine Sports - Millcreek
2927 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84109
She is booked months in advance.


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