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Books about skiing?

ski diva

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As some of you know, I've written two novels about skiing (DOUBLE BLACK and FADE TO WHITE). And many of us here have read Mermer Blakeslee's book about fear and skiing, IN THE YIKES ZONE. But I'm wondering: has anyone read any other books about skiing they'd care to recommend? Fiction or non-fiction; doesn't matter.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I enjoyed Warren's biography quite a bit, what a life.
Currently reading The Fall Line by Nathanial Vinton, and it's better than I expected (I've read so many I'm getting a bit jaded) and not too be confused by several other books of the same name
Two Planks and a Passion was my favorite for many years
Downhill Slide

I have several shelves of ski books. Many were forgettable. Very few were fiction -- it seems to be, aside from Ski Diva's books, an overlooked niche. I tend to prefer to read historical books about skiing. Self help books rarely appeal to me, I spend my whole time arguing with the author.


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This was a great book.

The Edge of Never: A Skier's Story of Life, Death, and Dreams in the World's Most Dangerous Mountains Paperback – November 7, 2008


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Well lets see:
Double Black, Fade to White, Freedom Found the Warren Miller Biography, The Edge of Never, The Next 15 Minutes (Kim Kircher), Open your Heart with Winter Fitness (Lisa Marie Mercer), No Limits (Byron Rempel - the Wurtele twins) and numerous CSIA manuals.


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This will seem random..... but maybe for an easy nostalgic read: Nancy Drew Mystery Stories - Mystery at the Ski Jump 1952 original print. Look for the 25 chapter first print versions of any Nancy Drew book for a much better read. The books were re-written in the 60s to condense to 20 chapters. DD went thru a "vintage" Nancy Drew phase - the books in their original format are much better written and Nancy is pretty daring for a young woman back in the day..... no cell phone, picnic lunches and escaped so many kidnappings...


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
The Lonely Skier by Hammond Innes - must've read this a while ago, because I had to look up the title, but a ripping yarn from what I can remember!

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