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Blizzard-Tecnica's Women 2 Women web site

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Have any of you seen Blizzard Tecnica's new W2W (Women to Women) website? If not, you should. It's amazing. B-T has clearly made women's skiing a priority, and it shows. I spoke to their marketing director about this a while ago, and she was emphatic about the company's commitment to encouraging and supporting women skiers. This is obvious from the site. There's a lot of cool stuff there (sure, there's product, but that's just a part of it). I'm very impressed.


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Very cool! I've not made it much of a secret that I'm a big fan of their skis. The website has an interactive "find your size" feature that is neat.
I've also found the site really useful, D*mn sight better than Rossi's, where the women's skis were hidden! (as we've discussed elsewhere)
This looks great! Even when you just first get to the page I feel so welcome, if that makes sense? lol I'm also a huge fan of Blizzard skis, and very much looking forward to trying the newer stuff I haven't been on yet this season.


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Sounds like a reasonable amount of thought went into designing the home page.

Women to Women is a global Blizzard Tecnica initiative with the mission to specifically design authentic women’s products that will take all committed and passionate skiers, regardless of ability, to new levels of confidence, excitement and freedom. We are dedicated to engaging, empowering and educating the women’s skiing community by sharing experiences and celebrating our passion for the sport.

W2W is the first to completely dedicate skis and boots to women . It offers the only comprehensive product collection designed specifically for female skiers.No matter the skiers level or style, W2W provides the best products to help women discover new possibilities through the mountain experiences. Sign up to be the first to know about what’s new with Blizzard and Tecnica’s Women to Women project

I like the reference material. For instance, there is a lot of info explaining terminology related to ski boots. It's readable and very comprehensive without being condescending.



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I was going to try and link the skiing and Pilates article onto my (and the studio's) FB page ... it's in Italian with no link to translate. Oh well! I like the site anyway!


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I was going to try and link the skiing and Pilates article onto my (and the studio's) FB page ... it's in Italian with no link to translate. Oh well! I like the site anyway!
The translate button is there, @Abbi ; it just "floats solo" in the upper right of the screen, rather than being integrated into the screen.

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