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Blizzard Lanches Women2Women Education Scholarship

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I love this from Blizzard! What a great idea. They continue to impress me with their commitment to the women's ski community.

Anyone from here want to apply?

Blizzard Tecnica Launches Women2Women Education Scholarship

The program aims to empower women in skiing and grow the community of passionate, female skiers.

West Lebanon, NH (November 15, 2020) -- Blizzard Tecnica is proud to announce their inaugural scholarship for women looking to advance their education in snowsports - the Women2Women Education Scholarship. Whether applicants are interested in ski instruction, avalanche safety, health/wellness or other related coursework, the program application parameters are intentionally relaxed, as to encourage all women skiers to pursue their individual professional goals. The grants awarded will include coursework fees along with a pair of Blizzard skis and Tecnica boots.

Blizzard Tecnica’s Women2Women (W2W) program is widely considered one of the most committed women’s programs in skiing, closely and continually evaluating women’s products, needs, and lifestyles as they pertain to skiing.

“One of the key pillars of the W2W program is Education,” explained Blizzard Tecnica’s Global W2W Project Leader, Leslie Baker-Brown. “By helping women advance their careers in skiing, we’re not only helping them as individuals, but all of the girls and women they affect through their work. It’s imperative to bringing more women into skiing and empowering them to use their voice on and off the hill.”

Applications will be accepted here from November 15 to December 31, 2020, at which time Baker-Brown and an international team involved with the W2W program will review all entries and award a number of grants dependent on applications received. Winners will be alerted on January 8, 2021 with funds and products awarded thereafter.
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I want to apply to one of these women or BIPOC-oriented scholarships sometime for the connections and learning opportunities, but it is not right or fair for me to try for the money when there are many needy and deserving applicants. (In no way, shape or form should I be awarded financial aid if financial need is a consideration.) Once I get more experience coaching adaptive snowboarding (and hey, maybe I’ll improve my skiing enough to coach adaptive skiing), maybe I could approach one of these scholarship organizations and ask to be included but for the funds to be reallocated to someone else!

Although if I re-read my sentence, it sounds like I would be buying my seat... Argh! What is a non-connected office nerd with a passion for snow supposed to do?!


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@ilovepugs - definitely get involved with women's organizations that give out scholarships! My friend started the SheJumps Snow Pack Scholarship, and an other launched Isella Outdoors with the goal of combatting toxic gear culture by creating a marketplace for used gear, and using the proceeds to fund gear scholarships. I've volunteered with both.

It's a lot of work to build the surveys, compile results, score them, and coordinate with winners for their gear or class. And the listing and fulfillment process is 100% volunteer driven at Isella since the site is so new. And I'm sure they're not the only 2 orgs doing this kind of work!

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