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Help Needed: Blizzard Black Pearl in 159cm or 166cm


Diva in Training
Ski Diva's

I'm getting ready to purchase the Blizzard Black Pearl's. I've been wanting these skis for two seasons now and am biting the bullet, in a 166cm.

I keep receiving conflicting answers from different shops to go 159cm or 166cm. I currently am riding a chambered Armada ARW 161, and the BP is a Rocker/Chamber/Rocker.

At 5 feet 7 inches 125lbs, advanced/intermediate skier do you feel 166cm will be too long or be just fine?

Thanks again for your input!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I am a strong intermediate skier and the 173 Black Pearlsare my daily driver...I am 5'7 and around 145 lbs...I love them, but sometimes feel they are a bit too long...I think the 166 would have been perfect for me, so I would recommend that to you.

Have you ever demoed/skied on the BP?


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Oh yes, definitely the 166!


Angel Diva
Yup, 166 for sure. I'm 5'4" 110 lbs and wish I had bought the 166 (I have the 159).
I'm just a smidge bigger than you, I have the 166, and they're too long for me. I've never been able to engage the tips on groomers--they are very squirrelly and the tips constantly knock against each other. I've never had this issue with other skis. I demoed shorter skis recently and was much happier with lengths under 160.


Diva in Training
Thank you Divas, I'm going to go with the 166cm.

Any recommendations on bindings?

Been looking at several, but would love your input as well. Looking for something on the lighter side and safe.


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