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Question: Big Sky lift ticket cost 17/18 season

alison wong

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
My friend is planning to go to Big Sky next season and she is considering to get the MCP. However, she is only planning on 1 trip out west next season and not likely to visit any other MCP destinations. I wonder if it'd be cost effective for her to make the purchase.

Before I reply to her, I want to do some cost calculations. Big Sky website does not have the info. I msg'd them via FB but have not gotten a response.

Does anyone remember what was the lift ticket price for 1-day and multi-day?

Thanks in advance for the info.

alison wong

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
My friend will be getting MCP with 3rd bonus day to Big Sky.

Below is reply from Big Sky today:

"We are so excited you are looking to make a trip to Big Sky Resort! You really need to ski it to believe it. Our lift tickets are priced dynamically so they may change depending on date/quantity of purchase, and date of your trip (non-holiday vs holiday). Last season, our 5 day lift ticket was about $600 and our day rate was $139 if purchased at the window (however, we always recommend purchasing online & in advance as you will save more money than at the window. Please note the figures I just provided were the window rates in early Feb). Are you looking to ski other resorts besides Big Sky Resort next winter season? Also, when are you looking to ski Big Sky Resort?"


Angel Diva
My friend will be getting MCP with 3rd bonus day to Big Sky.
Hmm, once she has the MCP then perhaps another trip to a MCP destination could be of interest. :smile:

Alta/Snowbird in early April may be relatively empty because Easter is April 21 in 2019. Get 4 days included if ski both places more or less separately. Although can ski back across the Mineral Basin/Sugarloaf connection without upgrading for a combo pass if staying in one of the Alta lodges or at Snowbird. And then there is Mammoth in May . . .

alison wong

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I did some cost calculation for her. It will be break even if uses MCP for Big Sky only.

She may have business trip in winter out west, this can set her up for an additional trip.

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