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Big changes coming at Snowbasin


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
For those of you who were at Diva West in 2014, or who've skied this mountain since.....lots of changes on the horizon.

Snowbasin Announces Future Development Plans

The master plan has been in place for some time, but was put on the back burner after Earl Holding (owner) died and when the company realized Sun Valley's lodges were in dire need of renos (the two resorts and Little America/Grand America hotels, along with Sinclair Oil, are all held by the same group). Capital was spent on Sun Valley first.

I'm still not seeing the high-speed quad or six-pack that was hoped for on the Strawberry side, which would have unloaded next to Dan's Run and below to typical fog bank that plagues the top of Strawberry. But LOTS of changes are on the horizon.

Interesting that they've partnered with Club Med.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
The vibe and crowds since 2014 have already changed drastically, and not for the better.
I still question how the climate is going to impact resorts with terrain below 7500 feet (Snowbasin) in the next 10 years. I predict a lot more rain vs. snow at those elevations.

This change is not sitting well with the Ogden locals. You can add me to that group. The skier experience has declined at Snowbasin in the past 3 years in particular. This won't help.

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