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Best Backcountry skis?


Diva in Training
It's time to upgrade my BC skis from Black Diamond to? Have been reading up on atomic Backlands and Icelantic Mystic. Any thoughts?

I ski tour occasionally in Tahoe and mostly in Utah. Thinking about heading up to Canada's powder highway to check out some tours. My Black Diamonds are too flimsy. My downhill skis are Kastle FX95 and powder boards are Nordica La Niña (probably need to upgrade these, too). I like a stiffer ski in general, so not sure which BC ski would round out my quiver.



Certified Ski Diva
Also waiting to see Analisa's response...

But in the meantime, @CarlaPC have you considered one of the Kastle backcountry series skis, if you're happy with your inbounds setup? I believe those tend to be stiff, as well as the Blizzard Zero G line.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
There are so many great touring skis out there. What type of touring ski are you looking for? It depends on your daily objectives and the terrain you are skiing that help narrow down your choices. Are you doing laps all day? Climbing peaks and doing one big skiing down? Chasing powder? Care more about having a lightweight set up for the up? Or prefer something more for the down? Or, want something in-between?


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Faction is releasing a new line of La Machine skis next year, ranging from 91 to 126 wide, and ALL of them are reverse camber. I AM SO INTRIGUED. Someone please demo and tell me what they're like?!


Certified Ski Diva
Any skis that u like. Black diamond/Poma/G3 skins will fit any skis. U need 2 figure out how much touring u want 2 do & at what altitude. Usually touring skis r flimsier cuz they don't have metal so they r lighter. If u do long days or hi altitude u may want a lighter setup. If u r super strong or don't care about weight then pick ur favorite resort skis that match ur favorite tour conditions.

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