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Beaver Creek 1/10/23


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
This is such a great thread. I will hunt down a paper map and then use all the reccomendations to plot out good combos for each day.
Took the bus to the main BC base this morning and an employee was standing at the entrance handing them out. Hopeful you won’t have to hunt them down!


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Day 3-2/22

Decided to take the day off since weather/storms were rolling in. Drove to Vail and walked around the village, went to the ski and snowboard museum. The museum was fun to see the evolution of the gear and learn more about the Tenth Mountain. Apparently some of the Tenth are coming to town this weekend and will be at Ski Cooper.

We also went into some of the galleries to view the art.


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Day 4
Cold day, flat light, a few inches overnight.
Took strawberry express chair to primrose to arrowhead. Hubs went into trees and took wrong turn down cabin fever so we waited for him to meet us. Did little golden bear 2x. Thanks for the tip Michelle P! Would’ve stayed longer but the lift kept going down. Took intertwine to cabin fever(fun one!). Skied intertwine more to lower president ford’s (soft little piles, more fun than I thought it would be looking at it). Had lunch at moose pizza at base again. Went back up centennial to cinch. The fam wanted to try golden eagle. I took cinch down to the lift since the light was so flat and there was more snow in this area of the mountain.Waited, waited, waited…texted DH to check in-they were only halfway down. We eventually caught up and they were tired but got some good pictures and DD was especially proud of herself. Headed down to the base for cookies. DD and I took Latigo (I really love this run-I felt like I was dancing down the mountain!) and boys took corkscrew to Latigo. They said the trees were tight on corkscrew and had to plan each turn. Kids decided to do one more run and went to the race center where they have a dual GS course setup. They raced each other on the course and came back all smiles. Really love that the mountain has a closed race course to play on!

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