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I just learned that Jonathan Nielsen, the CEO who was in charge of Backcountry when all this stuff went down. Instead, he's been replaced a woman, Melanie Cox. There's also a new Chief Marketing Officer, Sarah Crockett, most recently of Burton Snowboards. I think this indicates good things for the company. They certainly look like they're trying to put their tawdry past behind them and move in a new direction.

For more info, go here.
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Yuck, Back Country back trolling again. Pretty sure I unsubscribed to them long ago.... but received this today ---

Did they think the pandemic would make us forget what they did to small companies with backcountry in their name?

Hey *********,

My name is Rob and I am a Gearhead here at Backcountry.com. I wanted to let you know about our new membership rewards program here, called Summit Club. It’s completely 100% FREE and has some awesome benefits!

If you join this free program you’ll gain access to 3 key benefits:
Credits: 10% back earned on every full-price purchase. You can apply these credits to any purchase in the three-month period after you’ve been issued the credits.
Free 30-day returns with UPS
Your very own personal Gearhead (me!), here to be your go-to guy for all things Backcountry. I can help with orders, return, gear recommendations, anything you need to enjoy the outdoors!

Again, it’s totally free to join and you won’t ever be charged any kind of membership fee; this is just something we want to offer our customers so they can earn some rewards while shopping with us!

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Thanks so much!

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