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Are women judged by a different standard?

ski diva

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What do you think of this: the American women's soccer got 13 goals in their match against North Korea, and were lectured about their behavior (some people thought they celebrated too hard).

Here's the article about it in the Atlantic.

Your thoughts?


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First off, I do think that the US women deserved the lecture. They were a much more dominant team that the other. No need to celebrate a very lopsided game.

But the rest of the article is just like the Nike commercial and so right!!


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Number of goals matters in the World Cup group stage. If overall points are tied (you get 3 points for a win, maybe 1 for a tie?) then number of goals & goal differential plays into the tiebreaker. Asking a team to chill out celebrating a consequential thing in what is arguably the biggest sporting event in the world and definitely the biggest sporting event most of them will ever be involved in seems... a little unrealistic?


Angel Diva
Having paid more attention to college sports than professional sports, there were definitely times when a coach with a team winning by a large margin made changes to avoid completely embarrassing the losing team. Saw that often enough with Carolina basketball teams under Coach Smith.

The Women's World Cup athletes are a mix of professionals and amateurs. Probably a lot more pros on the U.S. team than any teams from Asia.

I wondered what the context is for men's World Cup games that are lopsided. Turns out that few games have had scores in double digits. Did find a comment that could be considered relevant. Apparently FIFA changed the tournament set up to avoid lopsided victories after 2001 qualifying matches.

5 Biggest World Cup Blowouts: England Destroys Panama, But It Wasn’t The Most One-Sided World Cup Win Ever - June 2018

"BONUS: Australia vs. American Samoa (2001 qualifying match) 31-0 Australia

Though not taking place in the actual 2002 World Cup tournament, the Australia vs. American Samoa match in the Oceania region qualifiers was so brutal, according to Paste Magazine, that it led FIFA to introduce a preliminary round — in effect a qualifier for the qualifiers — to prevent teams from suffering any such embarrassments in the future."


Angel Diva
Found a thoughtful opinion piece about the game that strives to put the celebration aspect into context. Considers past lopsided women's games and men's games.

I haven't watched the U.S. vs. Thailand game yet. My sense from a little reading is that the score is not as much of an issue as the celebrations immediately after each goal after the score was 9-0 given that Thailand is a relatively weak team.



Angel Diva
The video opinion in Post #6 is by a Canadian.

May have to be a subscriber to read . . . the NY Times has an article about the Thai point of view of the game.

" . . .
Adisorn Phiungya, a television sports commentator, also defended the Americans, who are the defending World Cup champions, against accusations that they showboated or scored gratuitous goals.
. . .
Up next for Thailand is Sweden and then Chile, which is ranked 39th in the world and is making its own World Cup debut.

In less exalted tournaments, the Thai women’s team is used to routs of its own. At a friendly last year, the Thais dominated the Indonesians. The score? 13-0."


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
NO PROBLEM with the score line. Not one bit. This is the World Cup and you should never take your foot off the gas. Play to your highest level every time you set foot on the pitch. Goal difference is important because it's the tie breaker if win-loss-draw points are equal. You are in this tournament to defend 2015's championship and win!

HUGE PROBLEM with the over-the top celebrations once the score passed 3-0. It showed a lack of class and was disrespectful to a clearly over-matched opponent. There is no gender bias here as men are held to the same standard and called out when they break these unwritten rules. Think about it... you don't flip your bat when you hit a home run in baseball, and you don't celebrate when you score against your former club or dive in order to win a foul or penalty in the English Premier League. Just a couple of very common examples.

Here's a quote from John Wooden, a men's basketball coach who knew a lot about winning...

"We played ten times for the national championship while I was coaching at UCLA. Each time we were fortunate enough to win. And each time near the end of the contest when I felt we had the game in hand, I told the team during a time-out, remember when this game is over to behave in an appropriate manner. Do not make fools of yourselves. Let the alumni and student body do that if they choose. Don’t you do it!”



Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I don't think it's necessarily a gender thing ... you just don't see blowouts like that in the men's World Cup these days, there's too much parity (and thankfully so much more parity in the women's version, too, than there used to be!).

But comparing a once-every-four-years WORLD championship (which also matters more than the Olympics) to a collegiate regular-season game or even tournament -- it's apples and oranges.

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