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Anyone have Icelantic Maiden Experience?

I’m considering getting the 91, 155cm Icelantic Maiden. Local shop is pushing hard this is the ski for me. Hard to find a lot of info online on this ski and I won’t be able to demo it before purchase. I’m looking to move up from my beginner-intermediate Elan Zests. I’m 5’3 121lbs and a nervous on steeps and deep powder blue skier looking to improve. Ski in the west (Banff, fernie, whitefish).

If anyone has insight into Icelantics or a different ski to recommend as my first int-advanced ski I’d appreciate it :smile: another shop is pushing the black pearl 88, but again not sure I can demo before purchase
Unfortunately I don't have any personal experience with Icelantics, but I do think the Black Pearl is a nice choice to progress on because I've actually skied that one. The original Black Pearl was what I made the most strides on as a rising intermediate skier at the time, and I still ski it now sometimes. However, as most eveyone on here will likely suggest, if there is any way you can get to do some demos before deciding that really is your best bet. If you've read any ski reviews here, you can see how subjective they are and people can have really different reactions to a ski once they get on it regardless of how popular it may or may not be.

Do you know anyone personally at these shops? What is making them push any ski over another for you?

Goodluck and keep us posted on your decision making!


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I have the Icelantic Oracle, 100, 165, so not the same ski, but basically same construction. I am an advanced skier and this is by far the best ski I have had - and I've had a lot over 30+ years of skiing. Their women's ski line is lightweight and snappy, but not chattery (except on ice - but out west we can choose not to ski that) or unruly. I have had them about 5 years now, so durability is great and I find the lighter weight less tiring and I don't have to muscle turns to get the flex I need in bumps or at speed - FYI I am 5'4 and 130#. I always loved bumps and powder and thought I was pretty decent in both, but this ski has made both easier and I have improve. I ski mostly in CO, so similar terrain and snow as you. I have not skied the Maiden and Icelantics are a lot less of a "known name" but wouldn't let that scare you off. Too bad you can't demo, but it its often hard to compare unless you can ski both on the same day, same conditions. Good luck!


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I ski Michigan snow, man-made snow, ice and chop. I demoed a couple pair of Icelantics and couldn't flex them. I'm 5'6'', 200 and a strong skier. Maybe they're great in powder, but I did not feel confident in them at all. They have beautiful graphics...
What about a Nordica Santa Ana 93?
Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts ladies. I ended up renting the black pearl 88s on Sunday and had an amazing time skiing them in fernie. Got them for 20% off today. The shop I got them from does demo rentals (so you can rent for 1 day, then apply the 1 day rental cost to the purchase price). Would have liked to have tried more variety but without endless funds to do that I think the BP is going to be a great ski for me :smile:


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I demoed this ski last spring. The rocker profile is fun, felt more like an ice skate to me, pivots on a dime. But, I found the tips to be chatter at high speed. I can see where this ski would be tons of fun in soft fresh snow, but I didn't see good applications for it where I am in PA with our bulletproof ice. It was so easy and fun in moguls, I bet it is awesome in real snow. If you ever get a chance to demo the maidens, do it! Enjoy your BPs, they are a great ski!


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I bought last year's Maiden 91 with the bumble bee graphic. I have to say, even though I love my Black Crows Vertis and Artis and may still hold on to them, since I've been skiing on the Maidens I haven't touch my other skis. These skis are awesome! They are so confidence inspiring. I love skiing bumps and steeps and the Maidens have stepped up my game. They are so stable and am living in the sweet spot on these skis all the time. Really. Not an exaggeration. I am 5'4 and 117 pounds. Great love for the Maidens!
Hey, I never came back and updated my thread! What size did you get in the Icelantics?

I since sold the black pearls I bought - they helped advance my skiing but I found them to be really dead feeling and got tossed around if snow was crud or deep. I then bought the Icelantic Maiden 101 (last years with the shark graphic). I LOVE them! Gave me a lot more confidence busting through cruddy snow then the Black Pearls ever did. They are physically more tiring to ski, but still really fun and confidence making for me. I only wish there was an in between length as the 163 feels a little long. I wanted to buy the 91s for a more narrow & shorter ski for the icier days here, but found a sweet used deal on a pair Salomon Lux 92s so for now I will ride those until they wear out. My next buy though to replace those will likely be Icelantics! Good to hear a review on the 91!