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Any birders? Share your photos!

Missy's photo of her feeder in front of her desk inspired this. You probably have to look closely but it is purple and hanging from the fence post, and there is a hummingbird on it. I hung a second hummingbird feeder, partly because I hated to see one bird run another off from my first feeder, and partly because this is right in front of my improvised work station in my dining room. Now that I'm sitting there much of the day I am getting a front row seat to the hummingbird action. There is so much variety among the Anna's! Some have markings that I can't find in any of the ID guides online, but these birds don't look like other types of hummingbirds either, so they must be Anna's.



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That's awesome, love it! Anna's are the hardy oddballs that stay in the PNW in winter while most hummingbirds are way farther south. They are quite rare here - so cool to see!

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