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Amanda Gorman


Angel Diva
She's incredible! Such a talent for writing poetry, but also in presenting it. I'm not big on poetry, but it's pretty impossible not to give her your undivided attention when she speaks and to really feel what she's saying.

So true. Some poetry is so much more accessible when spoken! And she is particularly talented in this regard. Her clothing captures your eyes, then you focus on her hands.

I learned about "spoken word" (in both poetry and prose) years ago from a client - a quiet, shy young woman of color. I heard a recording of her performance and it was astonishing! Self-assured, her voice projecting, her expressiveness unforgettable. Never mind therapy; her poetry was very healing!


Angel Diva
So funny that you posted this. My 8 year old daughter is reciting the last part of “The Hill We Climb” for the school talent show on Friday and we just finished practicing a moment ago. My 10 year old’s class spent two days pulling apart the meaning of each line. I love that our schools devoted a lot of attention to her words. She’s an incredible young woman.

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