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All-mountain ski thoughts


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Hi there, just wondering if anyone has been on any of these skis, and what thoughts they had about them: Salomon Stance 88W or 90, Volkl Kenja 88 or Kendo 90, and K2 Mindbender 88W or 90? The new versions, and around 170 in length. I'm looking for something that would work for both a 20-something 5ft11.5, advanced but pretty casual and really only occasional skier, and her shorter but heavier (170lb) mum, who's an advanced skier and instructor but who mainly skis on groomer skis (for both work and training). To clarify: I just sold my old Blizzard Brahmas, which I'd previously shared with my daughter (who only visits occasionally from her non-wintry city) and I might now be regretting that! I could also add the new versions of those skis to my list.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
New skis are exciting! I'm a smaller (5'1"ish 120lbish) Volkl fan and just bought the old Kenjas in 156, but the new Kenjas felt like a solid groomer ski to me that holds an edge very nicely. I am stuck at the advanced intermediate plateau due to some bad habits that I'm unlearning, so struggled somewhat on ungroomed snow with the Kenjas. If you can get a good price on last season's model they will cost you less than renting....right?

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