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Airline gear policies


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Excellent find. Useful.
From the end of that article:

The Takeaway:

American, Delta, and Southwest are your top options for traveling with gear.
Southwest is especially appealing, thanks to a policy that’s simple to understand and, unlike other company policies, allows a bike to count as a free checked bag.

•If you’re bringing a surfboard, go with American or Delta.

•Only fly Frontier with gear if you can get a dirt-cheap ticket—and even then, the cost of your checked gear might make the low fare worthless.

•Most importantly, do your homework before booking a ticket instead of showing up at the airport with your board bags and fishing rods in tow. The money you save could be enough to buy a ticket for your next trip.
Weird that they didn't do Alaska, which is bigger than JetBlue or Fontier and better serves western ski towns than most airlines.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Alaska and Virgin are one airline now. I've never considered either; will now in the future should I need to go all the way across the country. Anyone know the baggage policy off the top of their heads?


Susan L

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
If you have the Alaska Air credit card, first piece of luggage is free for each person on the same reservation (made on the AA card). There is a $75 annual fee but it also comes with a $100 companion pass each year.

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