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Adding to Quiver??


Staff member
I'm thinking about adding another ski to my quiver. I have my tuned down race skis, my daily drivers at 68 (Rossi Hero ST) or 75 (Rossi Hero MT, new this year). Also there is a pair of Atomic Vantage 95C for either out west or eastern powder days.

But the spring snow season is on us. I'm thinking I should add something in the all mountain area of 85mm. Something good for the icy morning, but will handle the soft stuff at noon. So I need a list to take a look at. With the sales on I might find something, or I can wait and get something on the Pro-form next fall.

I would like to stay with Rossi, Atomic, Salomon, Nordica, Blizzard and maybe Head as those are available on the mountain at Tremblant for demo. Maybe not now, but next fall.

So make some suggestions please......


Certified Ski Diva
What about the 2020 Nordica Santa Ana 88? I've heard good things and I love my 93s. As a matter of fact, those 93s did a fine job at Sugarbush on a pretty slick day and ripped the sh*t out of a perfect day at Mad River during the same trip. So, the 88s might be even better for the conditions you're after?


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
^^^^ The 88s have yet to let me down in everything under the sun. They are SO fun. I would describe them as playful like the Black Pearl, with a bit of stiffness like a Kenja.

I just skied them in the mashiest mashed potatoes today, and they were a hoot.


Staff member
I skied on Hart's years ago. I think I took my Hart GS to France in 87!! I remember taking the Koflach boots and wanting to leave them in France!!

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