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About Posting and Reading Gear Reviews

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Before you post or read a gear review, here are some things to keep in mind.

If you're going to post a review:

• Try to post a separate thread for each piece of gear;
• Keep in mind that Gear includes all the items you may find yourself using on the slopes, right down to your chap stick;
• Use the name of the Gear in the title of the thread;
• If you like, you can use the demo report card below to help you keep track of the gear and familiarize yourself with the stats users may be seeking.

Also, please be sure to include the following (this is really important):
• Your ski level;
• Where you tried the ski (conditions, trail difficulty, bumps, groomers, etc.);
• How long you were on the ski: one run, two, all day long;
• Your size (height, weight) and the size of the ski

Volklgirl has a handy-dandy review scorecard that she's been gracious enough to share with us. If you'd like to use it, here it is. It may make your demo experience easier:

Category & Dimensions AM CARV POW

1=Poor 2= Fair 3=Average 4=Very Good 5=Excellent
1 2 3 4 5
Short Turns
Medium Turns
Long Turns
Overall Impression

Tested Length Felt:
Too Short Just Right Too Long

Ski Sidecut Felt:
Too Much Just Right Too Little

Ski Flex Felt:
Too Soft Just Right Too Stiff

Best Described As:
Nimble Balanced Burly


Now, for those of you reading reviews, please remember:

Gear reviews are tricky. So much of it is subjective, depending on your level of skiing, the way you ski, your likes and dislikes, snow conditions, bio-mechanics, ski length, even your mood. Just as everyone likes different movies, books, restaurants, etc., everyone has their own personal preferences regarding gear.

So please -- keep in mind that the reviews provided here are strictly the opinions of a specific skier.

The best way to tell if a ski is right for you is to:

1) Learn as much as you can about the ski you're interested in -- which includes getting opinions from a variety of sources;

2) Assess you abilities honestly and fairly. You don't do yourself any favors getting a ski that's above or below your level;

3) Keep in mind the conditions under which you ordinarily ski. If you ordinarily ski under boiler-plate conditions in the east, it may not do you any good to only look at powder skis;

4) Get out there and demo! You may find that a ski that gets awful reviews is one that suits you perfectly. Hey, they make tons of different skis for a reason. What's great for one person may be awful for you, and vice versa.

These reviews are a good place to start, and we encourage you to read them and post your own, whenever possible. Just keep in mind that they are only a small part of ski selection. The rest is up to you!
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