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A call for help.

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Hey, everyone. As you know, TheSkiDiva is free to anyone who wants to sign up. But we do have our expenses.

Most of these I shoulder myself, which is fine; I'm happy to do it to keep this forum going. But today's email brought an invoice from our hosting company, and it ain't small. So I'm putting out an appeal for some financial assistance. Anyone who wants to help would be granted Angel Diva status for one year, and would get a Ski Diva Gogglesoc as a thank you gift. Just be sure to PM me your address so I can send it to you.


Here's how you can contribute. You can send a check via USPS to TheSkiDiva.com, PO Box 494, Ludlow, VT 05149, or you can go here to pay via PayPal.

Can you help? I'd really appreciate it.
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I can’t get PayPal to work right now. Will try in a bit.


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Me either. It'll let me put in a description and a dollar amount but not a quantity. Then I pick continue, but it kicks me out after giving me an error message. If it weren’t for @newboots, I’d figure it’s a user error - I've only used PayPal two other times, ever.
Exactly what happened to me, @Jenny

Of course, I live in the next town over from Wendy, so my motivation to fool with PayPal being poopy is limited. :cool:


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I also noticed that, while a different link from here to PayPal leads to a page with "TheSkiDiva" at the top, the current link leads to a page with no company/person identifier.

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