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A-Basin Re-opening Wednesday, May 27

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From their website:

NO RESERVATION, NO ACCESS. A limited number of people will be admitted daily. Do not come if you do not have a pre-booked reservation.

There are only two ways to ski / ride A-Basin during this time: pre-book a reservation with a valid pass or purchase a day ticket in advance.

TAILGATING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Arapahoe Basin staff will actively police the parking lots to ensure compliance with all state, county and company mandates. There are no exceptions.

BRING A FACE COVERING. You must wear it when you cannot maintain 6 feet of physical distancing outdoors and in designated areas.

You will be asked to leave if you do not follow all guidelines laid out by Arapahoe Basin, which were developed in conjunction with state and county health authorities.

Please stay home if you are sick or are considered high risk.

This is not an experience suitable for beginners. To reduce injury risk, we recommend only experienced skiers/riders. Expect spring conditions.

For more information, go here.


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The May 25 post in Al's blog has numbers. Total 600 reservations with only 30 day tickets. So the idea is to let season passholders, all types, get on the slopes in the late May and early June. Ikon and MCP are included.

The recommendation is to have proof of a reservation on paper. Mainly because cell service is iffy in the A-Basin parking lot. No proof means no entry into the lot.


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A-Basin switched approaches to keep the number of people per day on the slopes to 600. Apparently the timeframe for filling out the form to enter the drawing for tomorrow was between 3:00 and 5pm MDT. A pass holder can reserve up to two spots. Someone interested in a day ticket can buy up to four at $99 each.

The A-Basin Facebook page is a one way to keep up with what's going on given how quickly things can change.

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 7.02.34 PM.png


Angel Diva
One good thing about how A-Baisn has info on their website about the special re-opening is that everything is on one webpage. That includes the FAQ (scroll to the bottom) that seems to be growing. I noticed that people with a M-F pass won't be allowed to ski on weekends.

Here's what's right at the top as of the morning of May 27.

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 11.08.49 AM.png


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I saw in Tony Crocker's June 1 trip report that there are now three categories for the daily drawing for the 570 passholders reservations and 30 day ticket slots. People with full A-Basin passes are in a different category than Ikon/MCP. Tony was 0-4 with his Ikon after he arrived in CO to visit an old friend as part of a cross-country driving trip. His CO friend always skis A-Base as long as it stays open and he is 1-8, having been skunked in the early days. Since Tony has Ikon, his friend could bring him along.

Based on the amount of snow left, Tony doesn't expect A-Basin to make it into July. He said daily operations end Sun, June 7. After that weekends are possible depending on the weather.

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 8.43.00 AM.png
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A-Basin just announced that they'll be closing for the season on June 7, due to its rapidly melting snowpack.


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If you haven't been following Colorado skiing since March, here's a concise summary of how an older (not 20-something) self-described ski bum who usually skis 100+ days felt about getting turns at A-Basin in the past week. Scott Rappold is a journalist of 20+ years.

June 5, Colorado Ski Country

Even AP wrote up the A-Basin June 7 closing date. The AP story was picked up by many news outlets in Colorado and elsewhere.

June 5, US News, AP Newswire story


Angel Diva
All that really makes me think about what I will do for next year. Especially since I have to rent to live. But not today’s problem! I have enough to make my head spin thank you!

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