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7 Ways to Hold on Ice from an Olympic Racing Coach


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Engage the Tips Early in the Turn

After your ski’s tip bites, the rest of your ski follows aggressively on edge around the arc. If you slam all of your weight into the middle of your skis at once, your skis will chatter.

This one has been a big one for me. I'm still not always the best at it, my tendency is to rush the first part of my turn, especially the more nervous I am, which is pretty much the worst thing you can do because then your skis don't engage as early and don't grip as well.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I like the pointers, though a little talk about speed control on ice might be useful. Carving is not a low speed pursuit and high edge angles usually go hand in hand with a carved turn. I wish I had something to suggest, but as a soft snow skier, I just cringe my way through icy days, keep my movements flowing, intentional, and optimistic (is that something a body does? Not sure, but I try)

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