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2022 Loveland demo-day: thoughts on some all terrain mid-fats (mid 90 waist)


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Right?! And I feel like "Dancer" is totally misleading... it makes them sound like freestyle skis now.

I was waxing my 3.0s last night, and these skis are not playing. I am kinda scared, lol. I feel like if I ask the 2.0s to do short turns and go slow, they say, "awww, alright..." in a disappointed sort of way, but they do it. I feel like if I ask the 3.0s to go short and slow, they're just gonna say, "No. That's stupid." And take me for a ride.

I got the smallest size but they are still 9cm taller than me. Pray for me. :bolt:
How did it go on the 3.0s?


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How did it go on the 3.0s?
How were your demo days?! Did you go to Whistler yet?

I haven't gotten to try out my 3.0s as much as I would like, but so far I've been impressed. Mainly had them on groomers/firm hardpack/scraped off moguls/refrozen crud in the trees... basically all conditions that I have no business being on 106 wide skis for lol. But they did SURPRISINGLY well, considering. I had no problems holding an edge on the icy stuff, and they rip on groomers. Being 106 wide, they are *harder* to go edge-to-edge when compared to my skinnier skis, but it's not *hard* - you know what I mean? This was my first time on such a wide ski, and I was a bit apprehensive because I've heard so many people comment that wide skis are hard to carve, but thankfully they were not bad at all. They do prefer a medium-wide turn radius, probably wider than the 2.0 (although my 2.0s are a lot shorter than my 3.0s), and once you get going it can be a little hard to slow them down. Mainly because it's deceiving how fast you're going because they're so smooth, so if you need to do a sudden stop when you're going 45-50 mph, you feel it. They have great edge grip though. And they're so stable I'm honestly considering just making them my daily drivers on days when I'm not doing a lot of bumps and trees (2.0s are definitely better for tighter terrain). I'm looking forward to taking them out in softer conditions, as they were so smooth on the roughed up groomers I feel like they'll be a dream in choppy conditions.

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