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2018 Volkl Kenjas


Diva in Training
Hey Crew, long time lurker - and thanks to all of your advice - first time poster!

Skier profile:
27yo. Australia based. Ski both northern and southern seasons.
Advanced snowboarder of 15yrs. Picked up skiing 3yrs ago casually, as I had a few friends learning to ski so I thought it was a good time to pick it up as well.
As an aggressive style boarder, this translated to my skiing as well. Quickly picked up skiing and wanted something to advance on so I could do all of my favourite snowboard runs on a set of skis.

So I came here to SkiDivas. Thank you to everyone, I would never have found my new Volkl loves without you.

174cm tall. Wgt between 80-90kg.

I rode a few different skis in the first year, but settled on a pair of Salomon Bamboos. What a rookie mistake that was. Australian conditions are variable to say the least. We have sheer ice days through to beautiful powder days (escpecially this yr - thanks mothernature!) and in true Victorian (Melbourne) fashion we can see all types of conditions in one day.

So! A true one quiver ski was what I wanted - boy did I get it! Day 1, first run on the Kenja = love at first sight. My poor husband couldnt shut me up.

A few unique points about me, that may differ from OG ski divas. Starting out as a boarder, I have a few bad habits that my technically sound ski friends shudder at. My boards are VERY stiff, theyre 154cm and hold an edge like nothing else. So to have really long and soft skis freaked me out (BPs were too soft). Thus the shorter ski size despite my height and weight. So far this yr Ive taken the Volkls out in all conditions and Ive had a stellar day every time. After one season on them, im now tearing down all terrain levels and side country.

The only thing to say is, I need to concentrate! Ive gotten lazy on a few runs and let them drive - rookie error. Caught an edge a couple of times and only got out of it at the last second. In saying that it may just be my newness to skiiing.

Binding: marker squire

1=Poor 2= Fair 3=Average 4=Very Good 5=Excellent
1 2 3 4 5

Short Turns 5
Medium Turns 5
Long Turns 5
Stability 5
Forgiveness 4
Grip 5
Steeps 5
Crud 5
Powder 4
Ice 4
Overall Impression 5

Dare I say it - i may hang up the Boards and commit to full time skiing because of these!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Welcome! Great skis. You are obviously a perfect partner for these and I am so happy you are enjoying the "skier" status now. As for your boards, you can just store them in your DARKSIDE closet, and bring them out when you feel a need to revisit the sensations that only boarding can offer, while you hide your expression of regret that you are not on your SKIS.:ski2:


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I snowboarded for years also but switched back to skiing in 2003 or so. I have done some runs on my board but not nearly as many as I had initially expected.


Diva in Training
I snowboarded for years also but switched back to skiing in 2003 or so. I have done some runs on my board but not nearly as many as I had initially expected.
I definitely found myself reaching for the skis near the end of the season. Which surprised me. How do you find skiing longer skis after riding a board?


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I started on 120 skis and gradually got longer skis over the years. I think the next ones I got were were 144 then 157, 163 and now I have the correct length at 168 (I'm 5'9"). I forgot actually had quite a few years where I would either ski or snowboard. That's when I had the 120s. I was a hard boot snowboarder and would use the board on groomer days and the skis on anything else. I don't remember specifically how many years I did that, maybe two or so. I realized I enjoyed skiing more after than but needed longer skis since skiing in the East (where I lived at the time) on 120s as an adult didn't give me much hold on ice.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Welcome! Glad you enjoyed the Kenjas! I demoed the 2016/17 and liked them a lot.

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