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Help Needed: 2018 Blizzard Black Pearl or 2018 Nordica Santa Ana 93

For sure. A little hard to know for sure since my demo runs were on New England hardpack groomers but I think I might like the new Santa Ana 88 better than the 2018 BP88. Rather glad I'm not in the market for all-mountain skis right now. :wink:
I’m not a fan of the new BP88, and did prefer the Santa Ana 88 I tried yesterday to it. Though I preferred the 93 to the 88, and my Sheeva 9 to all of them. :becky:


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I tried the BP 88, the new BP 82, the Sheeva 9, and the Santa Ana 88 yesterday. For me the Santa Ana 88 was the winner. Definitely a ski I want to try again in different conditions.
I bought the SA88 and have skied them several days, in a mixed bag of conditions, and I continue to giggle when I ski them :becky: Nordica hit a home run with this ski!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
For those who have had the chance to demo the SA 88, do you know how they compare to the Volkl Secret? Has anyone found SA 88s to demo near Massachusetts?
I own both. The Secret is less forgiving and of course slower to get on edge just by being 5mm wider. Both RIP on the groomers (as much as I can rip, LOL.) Both do really well in powder, too. The SA is quite a bit more playful and still equally as stable and good on hard snow. I'm selling the Secrets and plan to keep the Santa Anas, because you'll get them out of my hands when I'm 6 feet under!
Wait, all of you were at Sunapee last week? Shoot! We should have all worn yellow ribbons or something to meet each other.

Next time!
I was there, with @Abbi

We will have to have a secret handshake or something, next year!
So in the upstairs room, any chance you were along the outside wall near some cubbies? If you went up the main stairs, and turned to the left?

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