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  1. S

    Need some advice on ski purchase!

    I'm days away (:thumbsup:!!!) from buying a new pair of skis. I've skiied since I could walk and did a fair bit of racing. With that, I'm mostly a groomer skiier and haven't skiied on anything wider than 73 underfoot. I'm 173cm tall, and weigh about 145 pounds. I've recently moved out West, and...
  2. Polly

    Volkl Secrets vs. Santa Ana 93- thoughts!?

    Hi Ladies! Happy 18/19 season! Well, I am finally a strong intermediate and I am advancing into steeper terrain (and having a blast! Just completed Day 31 of the season!). I still have my 154cm 2018 Volkl Yumis (they chatter a lot now, I think I am pushing them to their max speed and they...
  3. FreeheelMama

    Volkl Aura or 90EightW for Telemark setup?

    It's time to get some new skis, after 11 years on shaped-but-skinny tele skis, and my local shop has deals on Volkl Aura and 90EightW. I'm a tele skier, always was, so I plan to put my tele bindings on the new skis. I mainly ski groomers, crud, and Sierra cement. I ski fast but not super...
  4. Christineszy

    Anyone get to try out the Volkl Secret yet?

    I'm hearing great things about the skis so wondering if any of you connected ladies have had a chance to demo them?
  5. R

    The skidepot/race skis.com Volkl sale

    A friend alerted me to an end of season sale these guys were having on Volkl skis. They just so had the exact all mountain skis I had been eyeing on sale too.......so I gave them a new loving home. I'm hoping I get a chance to use them before everything closes around here....But I couldn't pass...
  6. Polly

    ‘18 Marker Squires 11D...fixed?!

    Hey ladies :) Many of you have been helping me w the 2018 Volkl Yumi sizing and I decided on the short end of the stick with the 154s. Getting my new set up tomorrow! That being said...bindings. I had them set aside the ‘18 Marker Squires but I’ve been reading previous models were really...
  7. Polly

    Volkl Yumi - sizing help :/

    I started skiing last season and while I can’t carve 100% consistently, I’m not doing too badly and am comfortable on intermediate runs. I have skid one black just fine. Part of my carving problem is actually due to boots that were sold too big but that’s another issue... I def need help with...
  8. D

    2013 Volkl Auras vs 2018 Auras

    I have the 2013 Auras. Love them. I need to replace them, but no shop in Telluride carries them to demo. Can someone tell me if and how the newer, full rocker profile skis differently from the old profile of rocker tip - camber - twin tip tail version? Pros and cons? Thanks!
  9. D

    Need to replace my 2013 Volkl Aura skis

    What do you ladies suggest? I have the 2013 Auras: 131/96/114 with rocker tip - camber - twin tip tail. I'm an advanced/expert aggressive skier and need to keep up with my 6'5" 220lb husband who likes to ski the crud! These skis have been great all over the mountain and I have always loved...
  10. J

    2018 Volkl Kenjas

    Hey Crew, long time lurker - and thanks to all of your advice - first time poster! Skier profile: 27yo. Australia based. Ski both northern and southern seasons. Advanced snowboarder of 15yrs. Picked up skiing 3yrs ago casually, as I had a few friends learning to ski so I thought it was a good...
  11. NWSkiGirl

    2018 Skis

    I'm going to demo the 2018 skis this Saturday! We get two runs per ski. I already have the Volkl Aura, which are 100 waist and are good in ice, crud and powder. They aren't good carvers, though. I will keep them to use on powder days. I am looking for skis that will carve well, be very stable...
  12. NWSkiGirl

    Aura vs Yumi vs Kenja

    Hello! I have skied the Volkl Auras for the past two years as my only ski in the PNW. They are the newer 100 waist version. I find them to be great in ice, crud and powder. However, they are like driving bus, as they are made with two sheets of metal and have no camber (all rocker). So I find...
  13. elemmac

    Skis of the Future - 2017 (Part 2) - Volkl

    Volkl 2017 Preview Day Conditions: Morning was hard-packed, classic ice-coast day after 50 degree temperatures, then down to 30 at night (but still edgable). Temps during the day rose to 50+, snow softened up, and it became a classic spring skiing mashed potato kind of day. 90Eight W (163) –...
  14. contesstant

    Review: 2016 Volkl Kenja

    Well, count me into the Volkl club! Apparently there is something to be said for a ski with metal in it and I LIKE it, I like it a lot! :thumbsup: I'll add more to this as I ski them more. So far, I have skied them on a truly hero groomer day with bluebird skies, and a day with a couple inches...
  15. K

    Question: Right Ski Length? Volkl Adora

    Hey there! I am at a loss for the right length of ski to buy because I hear a MILLION different opinions from everyone. After a 14 year hiatus I am getting back into skiing again so I am very much a beginner. I can make it down blues and greens with control although slow. But am looking to...
  16. SkiJunkie513

    Missed Demo Days...Need Recommendations!

    I demo'd a bunch of skis last year and bought some Rossi Saffron's (162) that I have taken from the Mid Atlantic to Jackson Hole to Vail to Monarch. We recently moved to CO and the more I ski on these skis, the less and less I like them. I absolutely bought them too short...demo days here in...
  17. ellae

    2016 Völkl Kenja, Yumi and Blizzard Black Pearl

    Hi All, I demoed a few different skis today (Saturday, November 28, 2015 with spring-like conditions), and wanted to offer my 2¢. I know a lot of you ladies rip - I do not. I'm going into my third season, and am an intermediate skier. I chose to demo today to find the right skis to bring me to...