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  1. ziggyzagski

    Flying w Skis + Which Skis to Bring

    Hello Divas - I love skiing and love to plan ski trips with friends during the season. I'm based in CA and currently have a couple ski trips planned. I usually fly using a single Sportube and have a separate rolling duffel for my boots and all else, but I've lately been considering a wheeled...
  2. SierraLuLu

    Spring Skiing in the Rockies

    Hello divas! I’m looking for a good place to ski in mid April this year when Mr. Sierra and I have a 3-day weekend. Since California has been pretty dry of late, we’re looking into the Rockies where neither of us have ever been. Our ideal resort would be: - an Ikon pass destination -...
  3. Ursula

    An Adventure to follow

    Hi all gals, https://explories.de/ I found out about this adventure through a friend of mine in Germany who knows that I live in Bozeman. Sibylle Randoll is following her great-great-grandfather's footsteps. He left Germany in 1880 for a two year trip to come to America to learn more about the...
  4. Jess S.

    Packing ski helmet in checked luggage

    I would like to know if you ladies place your ski helmets in your checked luggage or instead carry it on your flight. I backpacked through Europe with a ski helmet in my checked luggage without really thinking about it and am now wondering if it got banged up. From talking with some friends I...