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  1. MonBro

    Help Needed: Santa Ana’s 93 VS 88?

    I’m really glad to have found this forum! I think I’ve read almost all the threads about Santa Ana’s now haha. Im stuck in my own thoughts and need input with choosing skis. I have decided to buy my first pair of skis (!!) since I plan on skiing more often this and next session. Right now I...
  2. brewski

    2019 Santa Ana 93 consensus

    Hello Ladies! I'm coming off the Atomic Vantage 90cti (169cm) and demoed a pair of the 2017/2018 Santa Ana 93 (169cm), and am debating pulling the trigger on the 2019 version of them. Does anyone own a pair, thoughts on coming off of a similar ski? Is there any drastic differences between the...
  3. S

    Help Needed: 2018 Blizzard Black Pearl or 2018 Nordica Santa Ana 93

    Hi! I need help choosing between the 2018 Blizzard Black Pearl in 166cm or 2018 Nordica Santa Ana 93 in 161cm. I am 5" 4' and I would say I am an intermediate-advanced skier. I have mostly been ski racing slalom and GS, but am now looking to get some all-mountain skis. Unfortunately, I am unable...
  4. skyy_blue7

    Buying boots for narrow feet - 84mm foot width in a 98mm last?

    Ugh! Need new boots. Tired of losing my big toe nails every year in my Langes. Went into Surefoot today and they measured my feet which were a "very slight" 84mm, size 23.5. The bootfitter recommended either the Nordica GPX 105W or the Technica Mach1 105 LV (neither of which they had in my size...
  5. SnowHot

    Nordica Santa Ana

    Nordica's new Enforcer has received accolades aplenty here on Ski Diva and many other sites, and the Santa Ana is just as good for the women. Built off the La Niña platform in the resort powder category, the Santa Ana could belong to the same class as other all-mountain skis; however, its...