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  1. C

    Help Needed: Goggle lenses strategy for various light conditions, photochromatic etc.

    I have a very small face and am currently using the Smith Heiress goggles which fit pretty well with my small Giro helmet. I'm not sure the lens color but it has a pink/violet tint to it. I plan to ski a LOT next year so I'm looking at getting some Smith Mag IO/S Chromapop goggles. I'm mostly...
  2. SierraLuLu

    Goggles for narrow face

    Ok, skis are bought - now looking for a new pair of goggles! I went to try on some Smith goggles today since I have a Smith helmet and they’re on sale at REI, and both the I/O Mag and Skyline (women’s models) felt too wide for my narrow face, in that I could feel them gapping at the sides when I...
  3. ski diva

    Show your Diva pride with a Ski Diva Gogglesoc!

    They're here! They're here! Gogglesocs custom made for TheSkiDiva.com! What a terrific way to show your Diva pride! Gogglesocs are a great new way to protect your lenses, either on or off your helmet. They're stylish, easy to put on and off, and eco-friendly. And really, they say THE SKI DIVA...
  4. alison wong

    Question: Recommendation on Ski goggles with price ~$50

    Asking this question on behalf of my ski friend. She was looking at few black Friday sales. She wants to know: what's a relatively okay ski goggles that's about $50? She is a recreational skier, I assume she is looking for something basic, no frills. Any input you can provide will be...
  5. WileyAce

    Need help selecting lens combo

    Hi there fellow Ski Divas. I am in the market for some new goggles. My Smith I/O7s just don't work well with my current helmet. I went to the store and settled on the Smith I/O goggles. My struggles are related to which lens combo to get. I am torn between the Green Sol-X Mirror/Blue Sensor...
  6. ski diva

    Dragon Transition Goggles

    I've been a devoted Smith IO/S goggle wearer for the past few years. They fit well with my Smith helmet and have a cool google strap that goes with my helmet and jacket. And I've actually become pretty good at swapping the lenses in and out. But when I got a new Giro helmet, I started thinking...
  7. snoWYmonkey

    Favorite piece of new (or old) gear?

    I seldom wax romantic about gear, but have to say hurray for high tech goggle lenses. I have owned photochromatic lenses before, but the transitions lens on my new Dragon goggles is the bomb. Especially for teaching as there is no mirror coating on them. One lens really does it all, from 15% to...
  8. N

    Question: Corrective lens goggles? Glasses and goggles just too foggy

    Hi all, I am very nearsighted and unfortunately can't wear contacts. Usually I do OK with goggles over my glasses, but if it's a warm or humid day or I'm working up a sweat, the fogging is unbearable. Anyone have experience with goggles that have corrective lenses? Where to find (I'm in...