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  1. A

    Want to buy first pair of skis - HELP!

    Hello All, I know this season has been cut short due to the virus. But I'm keeping an eye on sales and hoping to find a good deal but want to be prepared to pull the trigger. Background: Skied growing up off and on. Crossed over to snowboarding and after about 12 years of doing no winter...
  2. SierraLuLu

    Goggles for narrow face

    Ok, skis are bought - now looking for a new pair of goggles! I went to try on some Smith goggles today since I have a Smith helmet and they’re on sale at REI, and both the I/O Mag and Skyline (women’s models) felt too wide for my narrow face, in that I could feel them gapping at the sides when I...
  3. allright

    Warmest Kids Jacket

    We are heading to Banff for Thanksgiving and Jackson Hole for New Year's and will be skiing VT the rest of the season and I want to invest in the WARMEST ski jacket for my son. After 10 years in my old gear I am treating myself to Norrona and I don't want to be thinking it is warm and toasty...
  4. S

    Help Needed: 2018 Blizzard Black Pearl or 2018 Nordica Santa Ana 93

    Hi! I need help choosing between the 2018 Blizzard Black Pearl in 166cm or 2018 Nordica Santa Ana 93 in 161cm. I am 5" 4' and I would say I am an intermediate-advanced skier. I have mostly been ski racing slalom and GS, but am now looking to get some all-mountain skis. Unfortunately, I am unable...
  5. newboots

    What's in your ski bag?

    I made a list, last year, and used it all season. As a novice, I was scared of getting all the way to the mountain and missing something essential. @kiki and @marymack suggested starting a thread. What's on your list? My list assumes I'm wearing base layers and my parka. Here's my list from...
  6. newboots

    Question: Backpack choice

    Hello, oh fonts of wisdom! My BF and I are going hiking in the White Mountains at the end of October. Day hiking. He says we need bigger packs than our little day packs, because of the possible (likely) weather changes, necessitating several possible changes of clothes. I'm not in a position...